Lyn Fox - Vulpine Artist

Game Design in Progress - Malware

This page is an example of a game during the design process. The game began with the basic concept revolving around putting point cards into a central pile and playing cards to collect those points or stop other players from doing the same. I have since improved the basic ruleset, completely reworking the design which I now themed as players taking the role of rival hackers.

Here is an example of the evolution of a card's design:

Access Card Version 1  Access Card Version 2  Access Card Version 3

In the earliest version, this card simply allowed the player to claim the points in the score pile. Later, the points were accumulated with the bar on the bottom of every card rather than the separate point cards of the original version. The latest version includes: an updated score system to support semi-team play, every card was given a class symbol for other cards to refer to, and an "upload ability" was added to the upper bar to allow more choices.

Of course, those are only the improvements noticeable on that particular type of card. There were many other big improvements, most notably the addition of viruses and other malware as the primary means of attacking other players.

Virus - First Play Random  Trojan - Give Choice

I designed the wording of the game effects to work off of each other, thus giving the game a much greater depth that it previously held. The two malware effects shown above can be a particularly nasty combination, but as you have two actions each turn, you have your second action to try to get out of it. I worked hard to ensure that no combo would ever completely shut a player out.

Below is a sample of the spreadsheet used to work out the cards for the main deck.

Spreadsheet Example

Of course there are many more cards than shown on this small sample. This is just a glimpse into the planning put into the workings of a game. This speadsheet not only lets me plan out what cards will be in the deck and manage the various game effects, but it also allows me to calculate the odds of the player acquiring any particular card and otherwise keep everything properly balanced.